A next-generation green mass-transportation system

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Transport redefined

OrbiTram is the combination of the OrbiTram, OrbiRail, and OrbiStation systems utilising the latest in space-age materials to create an efficient and economical mass transportation system.


Light-weight, economical and efficient

OrbiTram uses off-the-shelf existing light-weight materials and methods of manufacture to radically reduce the weight to passenger ratio.


A complementary system

OrbiTram works along-side existing transportation systems without any significant disruption to the existing infrastructure.

A modern transportation system for emerging economies

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OrbiTram stations integrate seamlessly with other transportation systems. The stations can operate as a ticketless or honor system. The stations are designed to provide a freely moving flow of commuters. The network knows who is entering and understands their general profile. The system works to minimize the commuter inconvenience and maximize performance.


Faster Passenger Loading and Unloading

Due to the unique design of the OrbiStations, passengers can board and alight more freely without interferring with one another.


Intelligent Passenger Monitoring

The OrbiStations include RFID sensors that monitor and track passenger movements and communicate with the central hub that predicts passenger journey's based on user profiles.


Modular light-weight construction

The OrbiStations have a simple modular design, can be erected with minimal dependencies on the local environment and act as a storage location for batteries that collect and store energy from the solar panels and power the OrbiTrams.

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OrbiTram's track system differs from standard rail systems in that the wheels have guides on both sides and instead of a flat track the track is round. This reduces the risk of derailment and improves safety.


Solar Powered

The system is powered by Solar Cells which are mounted in between the tracks. Each kilometer of track can produce 400kw of power. Each OrbiStation has its own generator for supply of A/C power to the rails.


Low footprint

OrbiTram uses off-the-shelf existing light-weight materials and methods of manufacture to radically reduce the weight-to-passenger ratio.


Freedom of movement

The land remains free of roads thereby offering unparalleled freedom of safe movement for pedestrians and bicycles